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~ Sliding Scale Services provided for:
Veterans, Students, Elders (60+) and Good Stewards

 ~ Save up to 30% with prepaid care,
Custom Packages & Treatment Plans

~ Complimentary Insurance Benefit and/or Injury Claims
(billing service for insured & referred patients)

Holistic Massage Therapy ~

Our goal is to provide you the best massage experience, when you need it.  With thoughtful & intentional focus, we strive to research & unlock your individual wellness potential.

Some of the techniques used to create your custom sessions include:  breath awareness exercise, myofascial release (deep tissue), range of motion, active release, muscle energy techniques, trigger point, reflexology, Traditional Thai and Swedish modalities.

Traditional Thai Massage ~

An increasingly sought after therapy, Thai massage is commonly identified by dramatic stretches and yoga-like postures.  This centuries-old healing modality also utilizes deep compressions, acupressure, and focused interaction with energy meridians (known as "Sen" lines).

Treatments are performed oil-free, with client fully clothed, and positioned comfortably on a special foam mat, on the floor.  Therapy is effective for increasing range of motion, muscular strength, circulation, and energy flow.  It is recommended you allow 90-120 minutes for full-body treatments.  Shorter sessions, such as 1-hour, may be tailored to suit specific needs & goals.

** Additional therapies used when indicated:  cupping, scraping, and application of balms and liniments.  (Used at practitioner's discretion & with client's consent)

Clinical Treatment (TX) Massage ~

Do you need targeted treatment for recent or chronic conditions?  An accident, injury and/or other symtoms can be debilitating physically & emotionally.  I use condition-specific strategies to help you manage pain, and facilitate & accelerate your natural recovery process.

I accept many insurances & claims.  I also collaborate with naturopathic, chiropractic, and primary care physicians to give you the best care possible.

Sports Performance Massage ~

Are you an active individual or athlete looking for a performance edge?  As a life-long athlete, and performance-sport youth coach, I bring a unique understanding of sports training, event preparation & recovery to your goal-oriented treatments.

I can help you incorporate sports massage into regular training cycles, including pre- and post-event bodywork, for optimal performance & accelerated recovery. Take the next step towards unlocking your full potential!

Gift Certificates

Share the Gift of Massage & Wellness, because every body deserves it!  The perfect idea for birthdays, holidays, thank yous, and special occasions. Receive additional discounts when you purchase more than one, 1-hour massage certificate. You may also purchase gift certificates in dollar amounts.

**All items listed on this service menu page represent discounted prices given for prepaid service or day of service payments. For actual pricing of The Wellness Zone's massage and bodywork services, you may request a current fee schedule at anytime.